Outline of ICAAS

About the International Amino Acid Science Association (ICAAS)

The International Council on Amino Acid Science (ICAAS) explores scientific issues related to the intake of appropriate amounts of amino acids as food or dietary ingredients. ICAAS was established in Tokyo in November 2000 with the aim of contributing to health promotion and dietary improvement.

ICAAS goals

  • Scientifically investigate and resolve all aspects of amino acid safety, quality, and usage, with particular emphasis on human use as food.
  • Establish a framework for evaluating and predicting the results of human amino acid intake under various conditions.
  • To ensure consumer safety, establish ICAAS quality standards for commercially available amino acid products.
To achieve these goals, hold and support international workshops on the assessment of appropriate and safe intakes of dietary amino acids, conduct research and research, provide expert opinions and scientific information to regulatory agencies, and provide information on amino acids. The main tasks are dealing with various regulatory issues and providing useful information on amino acids to the general public.