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What the International Association of Amino Acid Sciences aims for

• Scientifically investigate and resolve all aspects of amino acid safety, quality, and usage, with an emphasis on human dietary use.
-Establish a framework for evaluating and predicting the results of human amino acid intake under various conditions.
• Establish ICAAS quality standards for commercially available amino acid products to ensure consumer safety.

ICAAS scope of activities

・ Holding international Workshops on the evaluation of appropriate and safe intake of dietary amino acids
・ Supporting research
・ Providing expert opinions and scientific information to regulatory agencies
・ General legal and regulatory responses to various amino acid issues
・ Provide useful information about amino acids to the general public

Transmission of information

・What is the amino acid assessment Workshops?
Amino Acid Assessment Workshops (AAAW):
AAAWs are invitation-only Workshops held every four years for the purpose of discussing and recommending the maximum upper limits of safe intake of various amino acids in humans. The world leading amino acid scientists are invited to AAAW.

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・What is an amino acid Seminar?
Amino Acid Seminars (AAS):
AASs are closed Seminars organized by ICAAS Japan in order to bridge basic and clinical research related to amino acids, and to discuss scientific knowledge related to amino acids, and to deepen interest in the field of amino acid research. The Seminars are held twice a year.

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・Other academic activities
Other scientific activities to disseminate information on amino acids are held in conjunction with organizations such as the Japanese Amino Acid Society (JSAAS) and the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food (JSNFS).

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・Related publications
Publication of books and articles related to amino acids.

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